Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free of charge?

Yes, our service is really free of charge.

How do you make money then?

We generate revenue from advertisement on our website.

Is it secure?

We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to secure the transmission of your files. The documents are temporarily stored on our servers. Please read our Privacy Policy for further details.

The converted file looks broken? What now?

Not all files are converted properly. We know about that. Unfortunately there is not much we can do as we rely on a third party conversion tool.

How can I remove a document?

Cached files are automatically removed after 24 hours. In urgent cases please contact us.

Are there any limits when using this service?

Yes, you can convert up to 100 documents per 24 hours. The uploaded file size must not exceed 33,554,432 bytes.

What if I need to convert more documents?

Please contact us, we may be able to increase your limit.

Can I use the service commercially?

Yes, of course, please contact us. We can provide a conversion web service and sample code in different programming languages.